2014-10 BORN FREE 13 - 400 COPIES

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2014-09 BORN FREE 12 - 400 COPIES

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2014-06-18 BORN FREE 11 100 COPIES

After a bunch of self released cd-r's, digital demos, mixtapes and the much talked about KWC92 release on L.I.E.S that he did last year with Samo DJ… Here is finally Maxxxbass first official solo release! KWC92 was an album that was based on the dreams of the world's most densely populated place, the walled city of Hong Kong. While this release has its foundation in the big city chaos and the dream of leaving it to venture out into the pristine forest.


2014-05-07 BORN FREE 10 200 COPIES

Classy and unambiguous EBM inspired Techno from Empfänger with a BIG remix from AN-I (Lee Douglas) hot on the heels of his Cititrax 12".

2014-02-12 BORN FREE 9 200 COPIES

Tripping Dub Tekkno excursion, in full extended versions from Stockholm’s own - Isaac Spayes. Dug out from his archives.

2014-01-15 BORN FREE 8 250 COPIES

London’s Enchante returns to Born Free for a solo single, including a Willie Burns ( L.I.E.S., Trilogy Tapes) remix.

2013-03-20 BORN FREE 6 200 COPIES

Sling & Samo join forces with Yourhighness and Max Essa's brother Barnaby Bruce, for this three track maxi singel. Side A brings you the shuffly Belgian smelling "Henry Brainless" and the tropical Lamma Island italo-crooner "Staying Out". On the flip Yourhighness lays down his four to the floor mix for the entire side.


2013-02-20 BORN FREE 5 200 COPIES

This 12” brings you Baba Stiltz, the new Doogie Howser on the house-scene. Lil Baba has screwed "Levels" to an uplifting 110 bpm disco anthem. Flipside is Baba, Sling & Samo giving you more of that club material, with subtile nods to everything from Eazy-E to Good Will Hunting and Shalamar.

2013-04-03 BORN FREE 4 DIGITAL

Hound Love makes pop music based on there bittersweet emotions of greed and desire for more. The group consists of vocalist Kicki Halmos, Sling & Samo. The single includes remixes from two members of the Stockholm party avant-garde, Top Nice. Jexpert excels in his trademark rave mayhem and MaxxBass crying out.

2013-01-23 BORN FREE 3 200 COPIES

This is a remix 12" of the euro-dance-pop group Hound Love. Side A is a long upbuilding trippy house-not-house mix by Cos/Mes (Ene, Esp, Funiki). Flipside is a playful UK house, rubberband-style meets London-style mix by Enchante (Top Nice, Greco-Roman).

2012-12-06 BORN FREE 7 50 COPIES

This is music to hold your lovers hand to. An album that came to life out of to many late nights of poorly sung half-awake half-a-sleep utterings by a group of semi-retarded Vikings. Plunging through the knee-deep snow hummin the latest Houston-rap hit. Featuring the beautiful voices of two Top Nice Members Burning Bush and DJ City.


2012-02-24 BORN FREE 2 300 COPIES

The Finnish tram driver Jaakko Eino Kalevi is following up his well received album ”Modern Life” with the "Chamber Of Love EP". It's a bit unusual I have to admit, but I can ensure you, you will enjoy it. The B-side features remixes by Sling & Samo, the New Beat sounding ”She’s the Line mix” will do some serious damage on the dancefloor, nothing for the faint-hearted!

2011-12-03 BORN FREE 1 300 COPIES

The first record from Born Free is a five track EP by Axel Boman, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Jiikoo, Sling & Samo. Showcasing house, disco and synth music, which are the styles that will be presented on future releases.

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