2014-04 BORN FREE 10 200 COPIES

Classy and unambiguous EBM inspired Techno from Empfänger with a BIG remix from AN-I (Lee Douglas) hot on the heels of his Cititrax 12".

2014-02-12 BORN FREE 9 200 COPIES

Tripping Dub Tekkno excursion, in full extended versions from Stockholm’s own - Isaac Spayes. Dug out from his archives.

2014-01-15 BORN FREE 8 250 COPIES

London’s Enchante returns to Born Free for a solo single, including a Willie Burns ( L.I.E.S., Trilogy Tapes) remix.

2013-03-20 BORN FREE 6 200 COPIES

Sling & Samo join forces with Yourhighness and Max Essa's brother Barnaby Bruce, for this three track maxi singel. Side A brings you the shuffly Belgian smelling "Henry Brainless" and the tropical Lamma Island italo-crooner "Staying Out". On the flip Yourhighness lays down his four to the floor mix for the entire side.


2013-02-20 BORN FREE 5 200 COPIES

This 12” brings you Baba Stiltz, the new Doogie Howser on the house-scene. Lil Baba has screwed "Levels" to an uplifting 110 bpm disco anthem. Flipside is Baba, Sling & Samo giving you more of that club material, with subtile nods to everything from Eazy-E to Good Will Hunting and Shalamar.

2013-04-03 BORN FREE 4 DIGITAL

Hound Love makes pop music based on there bittersweet emotions of greed and desire for more. The group consists of vocalist Kicki Halmos, Sling & Samo. The single includes remixes from two members of the Stockholm party avant-garde, Top Nice. Jexpert excels in his trademark rave mayhem and MaxxBass crying out.

2013-01-23 BORN FREE 3 200 COPIES

This is a remix 12" of the euro-dance-pop group Hound Love. Side A is a long upbuilding trippy house-not-house mix by Cos/Mes (Ene, Esp, Funiki). Flipside is a playful UK house, rubberband-style meets London-style mix by Enchante (Top Nice, Greco-Roman).

2012-12-06 BORN FREE 7 50 COPIES

This is music to hold your lovers hand to. An album that came to life out of to many late nights of poorly sung half-awake half-a-sleep utterings by a group of semi-retarded Vikings. Plunging through the knee-deep snow hummin the latest Houston-rap hit. Featuring the beautiful voices of two Top Nice Members Burning Bush and DJ City.


2012-02-24 BORN FREE 2 300 COPIES

The Finnish tram driver Jaakko Eino Kalevi is following up his well received album ”Modern Life” with the "Chamber Of Love EP". It's a bit unusual I have to admit, but I can ensure you, you will enjoy it. The B-side features remixes by Sling & Samo, the New Beat sounding ”She’s the Line mix” will do some serious damage on the dancefloor, nothing for the faint-hearted!

2011-12-03 BORN FREE 1 300 COPIES

The first record from Born Free is a five track EP by Axel Boman, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Jiikoo, Sling & Samo. Showcasing house, disco and synth music, which are the styles that will be presented on future releases.

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